Lil Baby Plays A ‘Squid Game’-Inspired Challenge To Try To Win Some Sneakers

Everybody is obsessed with Squid Game, the Netflix drama in which a group of desperate people competes in children’s games for a massive payout — only to discover that elimination in the games means death. People love the show so much that they’ve begun competing in their own makeshift Squid Games in real life (minus the threat of imminent death, of course).

One such group is the high-end sneaker store Patnmoon, which invited customers to compete in the dalgona challenge from the show, in which a shape must be pieced out of a circular honeycomb toffee without breaking the shape itself. The prize is merch from the store, including Chrome Hearts apparel, Off White Nike Dunks, or a PlayStation 5.

And wouldn’t you know it, the store’s staff convinced Atlanta rapper Lil Baby to try his luck, posting a short video to TikTok. Baby always seems game to play around with TikTok-ers, previously participating in a quiz of his own lyrics (and inexplicably failing somewhat miserably). This time around we don’t get to see how he did, but considering he’s trying the umbrella — the most difficult shape to carve out, according to the show, we can assume he probably didn’t make it.


Lil Baby tries squid game with patnmoon

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Of course, Baby’s got more than enough money to just purchase the expensive wares at Patnmoon, so he was probably able to laugh off any potential losses — especially since no masked, triangle-faced soldiers were hovering nearby to punish him like in the show.