Life Is A Lesson – Briguel

The latest single from NY’s Briguel “Life Is A Lesson” is a superb electro/Hip-Hop song with a zest of pop. Encompassing a wide span of styles and holding a universal message, this track is set to appeal to almost any human walking this earth. Brianne’s natural and confident vocals shine throughout the track while Michael’s flow brings the perfect balance with his calm and serene voice delivering messages of the highest importance about our planet, society, love, and our collective future.

“We are losing our essence, the sense of being present”, “they sell sex and violence instead of love and happiness”, “speak truth, do your part, choose love, know who you are” are some of the lyrics you can hear throughout the track, always starting with the current state of the world, and followed by the solutions tsuggested to fix what we can, while we still can.