Lékan Tella Fluently Speaks The Language Of Love On Debut Single “Emptiness”

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Lékan Tella just released his incredibly good debut single, “Emptiness”. Blending soulful hymns and soothing retro tones with 80’s pop and 90’s R&B, Tella fluently speaks the language of love on “Emptiness,” reflecting on the vulnerability he finds himself in when smitten with love. Inspiring, magically executed, and displaying hypnotic vocal skills, the fast rising artist has found limitless inspiration in both of the cultures he comes from, enriching his innate talent with the cultures he has inherited. 

It is while listening to Jay Z’s Black album and 90’s East coast Hip-Hop that he learned and polished the art of raw storytelling, particularly well-mastered on “Emptiness,” a single that takes us on a journey through Lékan Tella’s very private world.