Lebron James being sued by Ohio cop who Killed Makhia Bryant for millions, claiming Lebrons tweet now has his life in jeopardy

Lebron James was the main topic all day today after his now famous deleted tweet showed him tell Columbus Ohio cop Nicholas Reardon on the clock for the shooting death of 16 year old Makhia Bryant. It now seems that Lebron did not see the video before making the tweet. Social media is divided and alot of people are calling Lebron out for jumping the gun. Nicholas Reardon family is now filing a lawsuit we are told to sue Lebron James for millions of dollars. The family is claiming that Lebrons celebrity status has now painted Nicholas Reardon as a villain and they fear for his life with all the death threats they have been getting. Check out the now deleted tweet by Lebron below and tell us what you think!

Lebrons now deleted tweet calling out Nicholas Reardon:

Texas Govenor Ted Cruz calling out Lebron: