Late pass like it’s 1999

Sire Sensai – 1999
(From Verbally Diseased ft. The Clinic’s Operation Contamination album; 1999)

Via Tha Barber’s YouTube. If one of Jiggs & Cheeks had a solo song on Twista’s first Legit Ballaz group album then it’d probably sound like this. It’s all spaghetti, tho, because Sire Sensai was #actually makin’ music years before Jiggs & Cheeks or Legit Ballaz.

Bonus beats: best video Tha Barber ever put me onto is obvs the main single from Twista’s second Legit Ballaz group album. The video is Chicago’s answer to the Flava In Ya Ear remix, while the song itself is the ultimate in Midwesternplayalisticjiggyshit. Watch for Twista’s proto-“DATAZZ!” face at 3 seconds in.

Twista & Legit Ballaz ft. Johnny P – Ball Wit Us
(From Legit Ballin: New Testament 2k Street Scriptures – Volume 2 compilation; 2001)