Late pass: EPMD’Angelo

D’Angelo ft. Redman – Me & Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Def Squad remix)
(From Me & Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine remixes single; 1996)

Damn, why’d nobody ever hip me to the existence of this remix? TBQH, this mix floats my Billy Ocean more than the original – you’ve got the same damn D’Angelo syrupy goodness, but a refreaked groove by Erick Sermon and two quick verses of flagrant du Redman featuring an amusing homme pas. A song like this makes me wish the ol’ Funk Doc had been let loose on more 90’s Rap & Bullshit remixes.

What’s yer favourite Erick Sermon remix then? I wanna say mines is Redman’s Can’t Wait remix 2 but that’s #actually the original version in disguise. So, it’s between Redman’s Rockafella remix and Keith Murray’s Dip Dip Di remix where Erick Sermon transformed two songs I don’t particularly like into two songs I do indeed like.