Late pass!

Digable Planets – Little Renee
(From Coneheads soundtrack; 1993)

Say what you want about the 1990s, but it was the only decade where a killer Digable Planets exclusive could end up on the soundtrack to a Dan Aykroyd movie alongside Slash & Michael Monroe, R.E.M, Morten Harket from A-ha, Barenaked Ladies, and Soft Cell’s Tainted Love. It’s a pity Aykroyd didn’t have Digable Planets perform it in the movie like Digital Underground did with Same Song in Nothing But Trouble innit? Some of youze lads will probably front like you’ve got this song on a test-press 12″ single, but I’d never heard it until a few weeks back, nor have I ever seen or heard anybody mention it before. Genuine Deep Cut™ status or wot?