Lady Gaga, Big Sean, And More From The Music World React To The Final Presidential Debate

After the second scheduled presidential debate of the year was canceled after president Donald Trump declined to hold the debate virtually following his coronavirus diagnosis. On Thursday, however, Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took the stage once again for the final debate of the year. Unlike the first debate from late September, which was riddled with negative comments and left an ill taste in the mouths of many voters, Thursday’s night debate erred on the calmer side of things. Sharing their reactions to the debate, a number of names from the music world jumped on Twitter to deliver their thoughts.

Lady Gaga stressed the importance of voting saying, “YOU MUST VOTE. VOTING IS ESSENTIAL,” while Big Sean expressed his frustration with Trump and Biden’s inability to directly answer a question. “Politicians just can’t answer a question straight?!” he asked. “They dance around it n then kinda answer it, like sorta.”

In another tweet, Big Sean asked why Abraham Lincoln’s name was continuously brought up during the debate. “Did he say Abraham Lincoln?” he said. “What’s going on here?!!”

Lastly, producer Mike Dean opted to use the retweet function to share his thoughts as he reposted a tweet that said, “Spoiler alert: Trump doesn’t want to pay the workers in his hotels and clubs a higher minimum wage.”

You can find some more reactions from the music world below.

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