LA Crip Jooba Loc run down on 6ix9ine at his Hollywood hotel looking for beef –

6ix9ine is one brave man, despite all the threats on his life 6ix9ine still made it out to Los Angeles for all star weekend. The crazy part is he is riding around LA filming himself basically antagonizing all the Crips who put a hits on him.

One popular LA crip has had enough and his name is Jooba Loc. Jooba Loc filmed himself with his Crip gang crew storming the hotel in Hollywood that 6ix9ine is staying at. Jooba and his crew definitely wanted smoke, but 6ix9ine was no where to be found. Check the videos below and tell us what you think.

6ix9ine walking around LA clowning threats on his life

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LA Crips storming 6ix9ines hotel demanding he come out and fight

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