Kynng promises to hurt Boonk Gang for getting his Instagram deleted and now he cant promote the video Kynng paid him to –

Rap artist Kynng is extremely pissed f with Boonk Gang and ready to hurt him. Kynng we hear reportedly paid Boonk Gang $15,000 to feature on his new song “Lit Up” and promote it. The problem is the promotion part. Earlier in the week Boonk Gang posted videos on his Instagram story him smashing some chick and Instagram shut his account down. Which means Boonk lost all his 4.1 Milllion followers!

The problem Kynng is having will be that all this happened right when his song video dropped and Boonk was supposed to lead the promotion it, being he is super popular on social media.

In the wake Boonk losing his Instagram Kynng posted a video extremely pissed f saying that he is looking for Boonk to handle this. Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Should Boonk give Kynng his money back?

Video Kynng looking for Boonk Gang:

The Official video Featuring Boonk Kynng is mad about: