KSHMR and R3hab Might Be Coming Together to Form EDM’s Next Big Supergroup!

It’s been awhile since we saw two big names from the world EDM team up for something more than just collaborating over a track or two. And well, this wait might just be coming to an end sooner than we think.

American DJ and Producer  Indian originKSHMR was pretty much a force to reckon with going full power with his releases and collaborations through 2017, not to forget his very own label Dharma Worldwide as well which came to life mid last year. That being said, Dutch DJ and Producer Moroccan origin, R3hab has pretty much been unstoppable in the recent past as well.

While the two have collaborated multiple times over various tracks, the most recent one being “Islands” which was released just last month, they’ve all gone down extremely well and needless to say were hits in their own right.

Going by a social media post on R3hab’s Facebook page from over the past weekend, this relationship could be turning into something more long term. After the recent success all their collaborations, the two might be coming together to form the next big Supergroup in EDM. It’s been a while since we had some great minds come together and create magic right? (YES! We’re thinking Swedish House Mafia level magic!!)

While this post could be just some fan artwork shared with a genuine question from R3hab asking his fans IF they thought it was a good idea for him and KSHMR to team up, it definitely sounds more rhetoric and a hint at what they two artists have in store and coming up! How soon we’ll be treated to this awesome union, your guess would be as good as ours, but Ultra 20 is around the corner and hey, BIG things are in store right? Well, for now we can only hope!

Going by the response the post got, comparatively a LOT more than any post by him in the recent past, most people seem totally kicked about the idea and all for it! What do you think about it, is it like a best both worlds coming together situation in your mind too? Or would you beg to differ otherwise? Tell us in the comment below!  

H/T: EDM Sauce