Korg launches DIY synth brand Nu:Tekt with NTS-1 digital kit

It also allows you to upload your own custom oscillators.

Korg has officially launched a new line of DIY-focused instruments under the Nu:Tekt brand, starting with the $99 NTS-1 programmable synth kit.

The synth, which first appeared at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin, can be self-assembled without the need for a soldering iron. It features a single mono digital oscillator, multimode filter, three LFOs, three stereo effects processors and arpeggiator.

The NTS-1’s digital oscillator is inspired by the MULTI engine inside┬áKorg’s Prologue and Minilogue XD synths and uses the same open development API as these models, allowing you to design and upload custom oscillators and effects.

Korg will release the NTS-1 in November 2019 for $99.99. Earlier this year it launched two new Volca synths and a desktop version of the Minilogue XD.

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