KingWill Explores Life Of Crime In His Music

Master of modern rap KingWill has been consistently releasing beautiful new music that is simply a must-hear. The New York artist has much to share with his audience. His primary message is to raise awareness about the damage of drugs and street life in general. Speaking from personal experience, KingWill knows how painful it is to lose friends to drugs or criminal activity and wants to change the world for the better through his art.

Earlier this year KingWill released a single called “FINESSE” and  “Change” with a music video that has over 110K views and even more streams. In the previous years of his musical career, the artist released “See Through“, “Safety“,  “It’s True” and an album called “Tactics” whose homonymous first track has well over 120K streams. Undoubtedly talented, KingWill is a living proof that one can do anything they put their mind to.

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