King Von was in processing of writing a tell all book about the people he killed and more

King Von was reportedly in the process of writing a tell all about his life that he wanted released when he died. Unfortunately he died way before he or anyone thought he would have. King Von wanted to write a tell all book about all the crimes he committed and people he killed, hence why it would release after he died.

Von noted that the stories he told on wax were inspired by books he read while in prison. He noted that he enjoyed reading the works of writers like Sister Souljah and was also intrigued by the ‘Twilight’ series. When asked if he would ever write a book, Von noted that he already had one and that he had plans on getting a tell-all book done.

The rapper said “I wrote a book. I got a book I wrote when I was a kid. When I was 9. It was just a school project so they made it a hardcover. It’s at my mama’s house. I wrote a book about going to the store. I was 8 or 9. That shit’s crazy. I’m going to show you all one day. I want to write a book for sure. I just don’t know what it’s about, though. I think I got to write a tell-all book and just release it when I die.”