King Von right hand OBlock Louie is not dead he is now in Stable condition surviving gun shots from police

Finally some good news coming from the King Von shooting death in Atlanta this past Saturday morning. Once thought to be dead OBlock Louie is now in stable condition after surviving gun shot wounds from the police that night. Prayers up for Louie and hope he makes a speedy recovery. 100K Management who manages King Von post a day ago that Louie died and he just signed a record deal. Stay tune for more updates!

100K Management posted OBlock Louie was dead at first before surviving:

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💔💔 this shit hurt so bad Louie I love you bro just got my boy a record deal sign the same day he died, I don’t care for no media shit I don’t even care to be seen and if you know me you know I don’t do cameras or videos so this these pictures right here means more to me then anything my boy lu dang I love you bro more then you know and grandson this shit crazy cause the last thing we spoke about was how great full you was for me coming on board managing you and me being me couldn’t even imagine how can he think he the lucky one when I’m the one bless to even be here with a artist like Von, told him bro To be real you make me look good grandson your work ethic and how you go so hard it’s sad now thinking Bout cause Von don’t speak or get emotional if you a round him you know he genuine love you he don’t have to say it god works in mysterious ways the only time we ever have a conversation so sentimental is the night you die I love you vroy jus know I won’t cry that’s a waste of your legacy but I will be in your family corner and the whole get back gang forever Long Live The King 😪

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