Kendrick Lamar is Producing the Soundtrack for the Upcoming Marvel Movie "Black Panther"

When it comes to Marvel‘s upcoming movie Black Panther, there is already a lot to be excited about. Ever since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, fans have been not-so-patiently awaiting the moment they get to see the full story behind Black Panther. From the excellent casting, beautiful design, to the compelling story, the movie had almost every piece needed to be a true blockbuster. The only thing that was missing was a killer soundtrack.

But don’t worry, because director Ryan Coogler has it covered. It was recently revealed that the Grammy-winning legend, Kendrick Lamar, will be curating and producing the ficial soundtrack for Black Panther.

Kendrick Lamar will work directly with the director and CEO Top Dawg Entertainment, Anthony Tiffith, to help ensure that the Black Panther soundtrack is fit for a king. 

He has already unveiled the first single f the soundtrack titled, “All The Stars” featuring SZA. If this track is any indication the rest the soundtrack, we should expect another masterpiece from Kendrick Lamar. (Not that we’d expect anything less from him.) 

Check out the ficial trailer for Black Panther releasing February 16, 2018. 

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H/t: Mixmag