Kendall Jenner Fears For Her Life And Slams TMZ For Helping Her Stalker Get to Her

TMZ might be one of the biggest entertainment sources, but they’re surely not getting any love from the celebrities they regularly report about. We recently covered about Cardi B’s rant, where she discussed the false rumors that TMZ has been spreading, and the fact that they were caught photographing her daughter.

In today’s news, we bring you Kendall Jenner’s ever going battle with her Canadian stalker, John Ford. Ford has repeatedly trespassed on Kendall’s property in her gated community, but he’s only been charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and the max he can get is 6 months in jail. However, because of overcrowding, L.A. County Jail might be releasing him even sooner than that, based on the given circumstances.

Showing up to Kendall’s house, her stalker has been seen by the pool, her porch and who knows where he could end up next. This is a very serious issue that Kendall could be facing all throughout her life. There’s plenty of people out there that are obsessed with their favorite celebs to a point where it has become an unhealthy habit. They usually create an unsafe environment and no one can stop them when they’re out on the loose.

So, why is Kendall blaming TMZ for this? Well, TMZ has reportedly followed Kendall to her property, shared pictures of her residential place and gave away her address for everyone to see.

Kendall shared her raw thoughts, over a series of tweets, saying how she full understands that she has signed up to share her life with the public, but then again she should be entitled to at least some parts of it:

More to come on Kendall’s stalker and his latest updates.