Keith Richards Says 'The Drugs Today are Just So Bland'

Keith Richards isn’t so hooked on the whole ‘sobriety’ thing.  But somehow the thrill doing hard drugs has faded.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has always been a drug-addled musician, with both comic and tragic undertones.  But despite kicking the heroin habit and — let’s say it out loud — remaining alive, Richards isn’t so enamored with sobriety.

That said, he’s been clean since Christmas.  But that’s not necessarily a long-term change.  “I’m not saying I’m definitely f all this stuff,” Richards recently told the Independent.

“In six months’ time, I might be on it again. But at the moment, for a couple months, I haven’t touched it.  It’s novel,” he chuckled ruefully.

And let’s be clear: the 74-year-old Rolling Stone founder has not given up on his other vices yet.  He still smokes like a chimney and drinks a lot cfee.   These vices are probably the reasons why he sounds like he’s croaking when he speaks.  But what about the hard stuff?

Seems like he’s giving the flatlining drugs a break.  And surprisingly, Richards detests prescription drugs, which course are oh-so-popular with the kids these days.  “They are very institutionalized and bland,” Richard remarked.

“And, anyway, I’ve done ’em all.”

All which means Rolling Stones fans are getting another tour.

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