Keep it in the Fam-Lay

On one hand, Fam-Lay retired from Rap without having a hit single even though he had a handful of singles which shoulda been hits. On the other hand, Fam-Lay sorta has a 2021 hit single by proxy via that BIA lass he discovered/mentors. I ain’t tryna suggest his writing hand was behind BIA’s rhymes on Whole Lotta Money, but her nonchalance and flow on this one sound like they were trainedtogo by him.

BIA – Whole Lotta Money
(From For Certain EP; 2020)

Related: while I was playing Duck Hunt, the DMCA treated my Fam-Lay playlist like a sitting duck. A best of Fam-Lay without either version of Rock N’ Roll? That’s like thinking of Lee Harvey without thinking of a Harley.

Fam-Lay ft. Lil’ Flip & Kelis – Rock N’ Roll (remix)
(From Rock N’ Roll (remix) single; 2003)