Kanye West has made $10 Million dollars plus by delaying the release of his “Donda” album

Kanye West is proving day by day that he might be the greatest mind that Hip Hop has ever seen! Kanye’s “Donda” album is the most anticipated album in the last 2 years! Fans are furious with Kanye for delaying the release of this new album for almost 2 months. YeezyXGap collab generated $7 million in sales overnight, while the sales for the YEEZY brand surged 347% amid the delay of Donda.

Per Billboard:

The listening parties in Atlanta grossed between $1.5 million and $2.7 million apiece for the rapper. (The shows did not report sales to Billboard Boxscore.) Meanwhile, all of the attention has driven interest in West’s catalog: In the 22-day period between July 19 and Aug. 9, on-demand U.S. streams of his music rose 37% over the previous 22-day period, according to MRC Data, generating an additional $350,000 in income on top of what the prior period had brought in.

Those dollar figures will necessarily increase after Thursday night’s event in Ye’s hometown of Chicago at the storied Soldier Field.