Kanye West called cops on Daz Dillinger in fear of his life from Daz sending Crips after him – HipHopHotness.com

Kanye West is shaking in his boots is the exact report we got from sources close to the situation. After Daz Dillinger posted a video where he called all Crips to fuck up/Kill Kanye West if they see him out in Los Angeles. Well let’s just Kanye is not taking that as a joke, but more like a threat on his life.

Daz revealed in another video that he was ran down on by the police warning him that his threat has now made it to them and that if something happens to Kanye the results will fall on him. Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Is Kanye a bitch or is he smart and doing the right thing by calling the police on Daz?

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Daz revealing Kanye called cops on him:

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