Just sayin’…

“Me, I wouldn’t make my own enemies

And for every fatal disease I’d make remedies
Switch George W. with John F. Kennedy
He in the drop-top enjoying the weather
Laura Bush got brain on her sweater

I like that pic a bit better”

Mic Terror – If God Was Mic
(From the internet; 2008)

Much like Hoopty Music, If God Was Mic is an early Mic Terror song which really shoulda been a single. In a perfect universe it woulda been the If I Ruled The World of the late-MySpace/early-blog Rap era; in my universe it’s a #MicTerrorHive classic. A+ songwriting which contains multitudes and my personal favourite use the Go On And Cry loop courtesy of Gzus Piece who was a producer before he started rhyming. How much do I love this song? Like Tyson loves Cus D’Amato!