Judge Denies Spotify&#Zero39;s Request to Toss a $321 Million Infringement Lawsuit

Judge Denies Spotify's Request to Toss a $321 Million Infringement Lawsuit

Mechanical licensing points come again to hang-out Spotify — regardless of the Music Modernization Act’s pending passage.

A federal court docket in Tennessee has denied Spotify’s bid to dismiss a large copyright infringement lawsuit.  The firm had sought to have the case, which carries a whole bunch of tens of millions in potential damages, tossed out.

So, what’s this case all about?

In July 2017, Bluewater Music Services Corporation, an unbiased writer and copyright administration firm, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit within the US District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee in opposition to the streaming music big.

According to Bluewater, Spotify willfully infringed on 2,339 copyrighted works, together with Sam Gay’s ’10,000 Pieces’ and Bob Morrison’s ‘You’d Make An Angel Want To Cheat.’  Bluewater had reportedly terminated the corporate’s license to breed and stream the works in November 2016.

The complete, most damages incurred by these infringements work out to $321.three million.  That is, if a court docket guidelines that Spotify owes most statutory damages for every tune infringement.

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Spotify is accused of both failing to pay correct royalties, or just not paying in any respect.  Bluewater demanded the corporate cease streaming the precise works.  Yet, after back-checking streamed works to April 2015, the indie writer realized one factor – Spotify hadn’t paid any mechanical royalties.  The streaming big had additionally failed to barter a direct mechanical license.

The indie writer defined,

Spotify defended itself by claiming it didn’t have information to trace the compositions and sound recordings on its service.  Bluewater blasted the streaming big, writing its companies practices have been harking back to “primitive unlawful file sharing.”

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Filing just one cost of motion in opposition to the corporate – direct copyright infringement – Bluewater sought a most statutory harm award of $150,000 for every infringed work.