Jonni Apollo Shares His Love For His Daughter Zara Jeanne On New Track “Afieroméni Stin”

Rapper-songwriter Jonni Apollo returns with a new song, “Afieroméni Stin” (Dedicated To), a deeply moving single that he dedicates to the most important person in his life, his daughter Zara Jeanne. This song captures a different facet of his personality, which makes total sense since he is talking about the love he has for his daughter, which translates in a lighter and softer version of his usually heavier flow. After Chains From Apollo, an album and main single that came with a powerful music video, “Afieroméni Stin” is the latest major track by an artist in constant evolution and search for truth in everything he creates, and most certainly one of the most accomplished songs he has crafted so far. Great stuff!