Jonáš Gruska imagines alien ceremonial music on new album Žaburina

The  Bratislava-based artist explores beneath the floor for his sophomore LP.

FACT Rated microphone-builder and experimental composer Jonáš Gruska returns to his personal label LOM with a brand new album, Žaburina.

The album charts a motion away from the DIY area recordings of his 2017 debut Spevy, focusing as an alternative on digital synthesis and algorithmically-generated pc compositions that characterize the imagined ceremonial music of what Gruska describes as “non-traditional, alien societies dwelling principally underwater”.

Žaburina by Jonáš Gruska

The albums key inspirations embrace hydrophone recordings, the work of Harry Partch, and conventional music from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The new compositional path taken by Gruska on the album was as a lot knowledgeable by his new reside set-up because it was his subaqueous alien mythology. When performing reside, the artist makes use of a sequence of horn PA audio system that he refers to as “my little choir”. The place and the form of the audio system lead to a brighter sound with a concentrate on excessive and mid-range frequencies.

This set-up not solely performed an important half in shaping Gruska’s compositions, but in addition reduces the detrimental results of listening to the album on decrease high quality methods – “It can really profit from it”, says the artist.

Žaburina is obtainable now LOM. Check out the duvet artwork and tracklist (full with English translations supplied by the artist) beneath.

Jonáš Gruska imagines alien ceremonial music on new album Žaburina


01. ‘Vidina’ (‘Vision’)
02. ‘Svitanie’ (‘Dawn’)
03. ‘Slávnosť’ (‘Ceremony’)
04. ‘Vodné spoločenstvo’ (‘Underwater society’)
05. ‘Hladina’ (‘Water’s floor’)
06. ‘Sen’ (‘Dream’)
07. ‘Rybacie spevy’ (‘Fish chants’)
08. ‘Slnečno’ (‘Sunny’)
09. ‘Broshuda remix / meditation’
10. ‘&apos’ [Remix]
11. ‘Dážď’ (‘Rain’) [Bonus Track]
12. Max Eilbacher – ‘Narrative Arc Library’ [Remix]

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