Johnny Come Lately The Foxx

“I remember when I couldn’t get a ride, befo’ I learned how to drive
Soon as I got a whip, n*ggas was ride or die
I really ain’t have no money, hoes was actin’ jive
Gave me the wrong number, hurted a n*gga pride
Now I’m runnin’ across ’em and givin’ ’em the same line
Givin’ ’em the same number, knowin’ it ain’t mine”

Foxx – Friends
(From I’m Better Than Blessed mixtape; 2011)

Foxx single which passed me by back in 2011. Solo dolo Rouge Blues in the vein of Stressed Out, I Wonder or Man In The Mirror. It’s a damn shame Foxx didn’t get to release a 2nd album for Trill Entertainment back in 2012 or so, especially since the label continues to drop increasingly shitty Webbie Savage Life albums from 05 ’til infinity.