JJ Redick On Ex-Teammate Chris Paul: "He's Got Some Bullsh*t With His Game"

In the most recent episode the J.J. Redick podcast, the 76ers guard sat down with rookie sensation Donovan Mitchell to discuss a whole slew things, including the unrealized dream being drafted by his idol Michael Jordan, life in Salt Lake City, and the importance winning Rookie Of The Year honors for last season’s performance.

With the spotlight turned on his guest, JJ Redick still found a way to steal the show. At the 37:45 mark the podcast, Mitchell talks about his experience going up against Chris Paul and James Harden in the Western Conference Semifinals. Redick set the stage for the discussion in asking his younger guest if he thought “CP’s trickery was annoying?” Mitchell mentions Chris Paul’s trash talking as distracting factor, with the host listing f the remainder his antics: sweep through the shot clock, yelling at refs, and basically anything to provoke a technical foul from his opponent.

JJ Redick closed the discussion with a loving critique his former back court partner: “I love CP, but he’s got some bullsh*t with his game.” If i’ts being said by players who revere his character and f court demeanor, it has to be true. Of course television coverage is so well mic’d, we barely miss a moment, much less the more petulant antics displayed by seasoned pressionals.

You can listen the entire podcast down below.