Jeezy speaks on Pookie Loc blaming himself for it and Gucci Mane killing him

Jeezy spoke on Pookie Loc in song “Forgive Me,” rapping, “Rest in peace to Pookie Loc blame it on me, never snitching/Lord knows I ain’t send the homie on no dummy mission.”

The dummy mission Jeezy is referring to is an incident where Pookie was allegedly sent to rob Gucci at his home. Gucci Mane accused Jeezy of sending Pookie to kill him. Wop said he killed Pookie in self-defense. Wop mocked Pookie’s death and sneak dissed Jeezy in song, “Truth,” rapping, “Go dig your partner up, n***a, bet he can’t say s**t.”

Jeezy taking blame for Pookie Loc being killed by Gucci Mane:

Gucci dissing Pookie Loc at Verzuz battle: