Jay Z is pissed off and done with Colin Kaepernick after canceling NFL scheduled workout hours before it started

Jay Z is currently in South Florida at the Hard Rock’s new guitar hotel for his SC foundations event, but we hear the mogul is extremely pissed f! Jay Z who pulled all the strings possible to force the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners to give Colin Kaepernick a fair workout! In true Jay Z fashion he got Colin Kaepernick the workout, but Colin canceled it! Colin Kaepernick canceled the workout only hours before it was supposed to start at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility, forcing NFL team scouts to scramble last minute to an area Atlanta highschool Colin wanted to workout at. This last minute switch reportedly cut the number teams from 25 down to only 6. Once word got back to Jay Z on what Colin Kaepernick did, we hear Jay Z said that he is done with Colin and will never help him again. Jay and his RocNation team feel like Colin back stabbed Jay Z and made Jay look like a fool. Check out Stephen A Smith calling out Colin Kaepernick who he feels doesnt really want to play in the NFL anymore, he just wants attention now per Stephen A.

Stephen A Smith calling out/exposing Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick calling out racist NFL owners: