Jay-Z And Offset’s Beef Because of Beyonce And Cardi B?

The two rappers were seen during a somewhat tensed word exchange. A video has recently come up, showing Jay-Z and Offset sending each other some bad vibes. Problem? There was no sound, so it was difficult to know what the two were talking about. However, some fans believe that the two are angry at each other, especially because of Beyonce and Cardi B. According to AllHipHop, Jay-Z would be furious because Offset is working on a track titled “She’s My Beyonce” title in which he dares to compare Queen B to Cardi B, calling her “My Bitch”.

It must be said that in the beginning, Jay-Z and Beyonce were very helpful for Cardi B, but her recent setbacks pushed the couple to take their distance with the young woman. Jay-Z would like Offset to be a little more careful and expresses it clearly … Unless the video was taken in a funny corner and the two were having fun. Case to follow!

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