Jam Master Jay was killed by Karl Jordan who he raised and fronted kilos of cocaine too

Jam Master Jay murder has finally been closed! The 2002 murder of the rap icon who was apart of the ground breaking Run-DMC group. Law officials reveal that Jay’s death was drug-related. Karl Jordan Jr. and alleged accomplice Ronald Washington are accused of murder and narcotics trafficking.

Since being arrested Karl Jordan’s instagram page has been exposed and it shows him posting RIP post for Jam Master Jay. Jordan wrote “Happy Birthday OG. So many Stories so many Memories I remembered when we was in the Land crusier Coming from McDonald’s and you was playing killing me softly Lauren Hill Joint If we knew the words We got 50 dollars we all knew the words You gave all of us 50 dollars each. love you And miss you We gotta protect the Good n***** ! RiPJMJ.”

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