It Looks Like Nicki Minaj Could Still Compete For Rap Grammys After ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Was Moved To Pop

Despite Nicki Minaj once again causing a stir via her social media after her single, “Super Freaky Girl,” was moved to the pop categories for a potential Grammy nomination, the Queens rapper still has several singles that are still eligible for the rap nomination.

Variety reports that “Do We Have a Problem?” as well as her features on “Blick Blick” with Coi Leray and “Love In The Way,” are still in contention for the rap categories.

Last week, Minaj took to Twitter to respond to the Recording Academy’s decision to move “Super Freaky Girl” to the pop category, demanding that the Recording Academy do the same with Latto’s hit, “Big Energy.” Minaj even referred to Latto as a “Karen” during the heated exchange.

“This Karen has probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews,” Minaj Tweeted. “Says she waited in line for [Nicki Minaj’s debut album] Pink Friday w|her Barbie chain on, bangs, pink hair…but today, scratch off decides to be silent; rather than speak up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration.”

The post then sparked a response from Latto, leading to back and forth via Twitter, where the “It’s Giving” rapper alleged that their beef runs deeper than the Grammy nominations.

“1st of all I texted u cause I didn’t wanna do the internet sht w sum1 I looked up to,” Latto said. “Just like the 1st time, I DMed u asking about ur ongoing subtweets. I wanted to speak up cuz like I said I do agree but the way u going about it seems malicious esp. after how we left off.”