Investors Poking Around at Canadian Music Week's Hackathon — What Will Pop Out?

Canadian Music Week wants to claim the music industry’s next big breakthrough.

So many music industry problems to solve.  And only so many geeky hackers to do it.  Now, Canadian Music Week wants to toss a breakthrough innovation into the ring, so they’re pouring lots money and resources into a serious Hackathon.

This is the first time that CMW has delved into a Hackathon space, though there are plenty willing investors ready to pounce on the right idea (and coders).  Even better: Canada’s got a support system for up-and-coming enterprises.  So savvy backers could look to blend their own investment with government participation.

You’ll also see Universal Music Group Canada, as well as the newly-hatched Capitol Innovation Center, mingling around.  Both are stated sponsors, along with Muzooka and Cloudinary (among others).

Leading the charge is David Hazan, CMW’s Head International Partnerships.  Hazan, an ex-major label guy himself, is corralling a lot big sponsors and splashy prizes to make this work.  He’s also steering the event towards artist compensation, a gnawing problem as the industry expands.  “Our Hackathon has been created to help artists financially benefit from the proliferation in new technologies and the abundance data that can be successfully leveraged to help artists grow their revenues and fan base,” Hazan told DMN.

(Here: drop David a note directly at email protected].)

The Hackathon is being blended into CMW’s Tech and Innovation Summit, all which greatly increases the chances Canada producing a winner.

The action is happening May 8-9 in Toronto, specifically at the Brainsights building, 70 Peter St., Suite B01.  It’s a unsuspecting edifice that will be crammed with coders, sponsors, investors, and entrepreneurs, all looking to produce something functional.

The judges panel is a strongly influential bunch.  And make no mistake: these execs and investors aren’t just judges — they’re shrewdly looking out for brand-new concepts and idea before anyone else.  Here’s the panel:

  • Jay Rosenzweig. CEO Rosenzweig & Co.
  • Jodi Kovitz. Founder & CEO, #MoveTheDial
  • Shawn Wilson, CEO Muzooka
  • Greg Nisbet, Founder & CEO Mediazoic
  • David Dufresne, Partner at Panache Ventures
  • Roger Chabra, CIO TribalScale
  • Ralph Simon, Founder & Chief Executive, Mobilium Global

Hosting the entire affair is Travis Laurendine, who you might call the King Hackathons.  Laurendine has overseen splashy hackathons for SXSW, Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, the Super Bowl, and even The White House (though maybe that one was a little bit too disruptive).

In terms prizes, the winning team will actually walk away with some nice sweeteners.  Those include a pair Beyerdynamic headphones, a free dinner at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto (sorry, Pick 6ix is sold out), plus passes for Ottawa Bluesfest, Moogfest, The Indie Awards, Canadian Music Week Conference, O’Cannabiz Expo, and VIP tickets to see Rebelution.

Of course, those are just perks for the winning teams, with the bigger prizes coming in the form publicity, backing, and potentially fat hires.

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