If we sacrifice Stevie G to a volcano can we get Shock G back?

Shock G never attacked an innocent DJ for rejecting a Phil Collins song request!

FFS is this 2021’s new normal where a Rapper dies every Friday? R.I.P to Shock G AKA Humpty Hump AKA MC Blowfish AKA The Packet Man AKA the musical genius who did think with his penis. Half the Rap eccentricities Kool Keith brags he invented, Shock G has a more legitimate claim to, and, as I recently realised, Humpty Hump even pioneered Hyphy. It seems like Digital Underground have been shunted into the margins of Rap history but this shouldn’t come as a surprise – any Rappers who dare to display a sense of humour get deemed “non lyrical” and end up derided as glorified novelty acts no matter how great their music is.

Well, fuk the history books and anyone who wrote ’em because Digital Underground’s first album and follow-up EP are God-tier Rap music, and Shock was a true genius Rapper/producer/dancer auteur. A man of many talents, he even stole a movie from 80’s Hollywood comedy legends, coaxed a good remix out of CJ Mackintosh, and transformed a forgettable Prince single into Prince’s last great song. Pop a Sex Packet for the Funk Mob Extraordinaire who originated sock puppeting on wax.

The Apollo: officially more receptive to Digital Underground than Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince!