Ice Cube launches “Fryday Kush” cannabis brand after his hit movie Friday

Many states have been making the push to legalize marijuana, and rappers like Jay Z have been jumping into the cannabis world with his Monogram brand. Now, Ice Cube has revealed his jump into the weed world with his ‘Fryday Kush’ brand.

Reports note that Ice Cube’s brand is no random jump, as the rapper has been an advocate for medical marijuana usage for some time. The design for ‘Fryday Kush’ mirrors the imagery tied to his classic album ‘Lethal Injection, and he has partnered with Caviar Gold to bring the brand to smokers in various states.

The brand is also inspired by his 1995 movie ‘Friday’ starring Cube and Chris Tucker. Via Instagram, Cube said, “Official release—Fryday Kush, my new marijuana brand, launches today. It’s available in CA, AZ, NV, and OK.” The Fryday Kush brand reportedly has plans to partner with director Kevin Smith as well to create strains of weed inspired by his movies. Take a look above.