I play with the stick, violin

“Bottles of Champagne, some shots, a few beers
I treat my dogs better than white people do theirs
I’m in a drop like a tear
But the engine sound like a pick-up
My roof can do a sit up
These hoes come outta nowhere like the hiccups”

Bruiser Wolf – Chess Move$
(From Dope Game $tupid album; 2021)

Hat tip to Fred for recommending this Bruiser Wolf album. So, Wolf is Danny Brown’s sidekick and his musical M.O is that he’s Suga Free in a Carhartt Duck chore jacket rather than a 3/4 length Mink coat? I can dig that like Ben Byron’s dog. It’s a cold world and we could all do with more rappers bearing warm clobber. Gotta appreciate the #OutfitSynergy of Bruiser wearing a Superstar tracksuit in a song where he says “moved more white lines than Adidas.” Pity the Superstar trackies have been shitty quality since 2017 when Adidas switched to cheaper materials and added the stupid white piping from the armpit to the collar. Holla if ya hear me, AthleisurewearHive.

Also very necessary is Bruiser’s tragicom song about his mum being a baghead. Tears of sadness and tears of laughter at the SAME DAMN TIME type shit like the end of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

“Pushed me outta the womb and left me when I was two
No first days at school or watchin’ me jump the broom
I was ashamed when people asked me what Momma do
So I made up somethin’ crazy like ‘yeah, she work at the zoo!’
Can’t trust women ’cause I couldn’t trust you”

Bruiser Wolf ft. Apropos – Momma Was A Dopefiend
(From Dope Game $tupid album; 2021)

“I am you, but I ain’t you
You left my dad bitter like grapefruit”