Huffington Post Removes an Article Critical of Spotify — Here It Is In Its Entirety

The Huffington Post abruptly yanked an article critical Spotify, probably under pressure from the company.  Here’s what was removed — in its entirety.

But first, a little background.

The op-ed was written by artist advocate Blake Morgan, and included conversations between Morgan and Spotify executives.  Those conversations and other details in the piece were highly critical Spotify’s treatment towards artists.  According to David Lowery (also an artist advocate), the piece was removed just as it was gaining some serious traction.

Lowery also questioned the timing the removal  while producing the email between HuffPo and Morgan.  Spotify is now preparing to go public, and aggressively battling a $1.6 billion lawsuit alleging non-payment royalties to artists and songwriters.

After tearing down the piece without warning, the Huffington Post emailed Morgan the following:

Hi Blake,

This morning, our in-box was hit with a few saved versions the piece.  Here it is: