How to never miss out on a concert you would want to attend | The Music Universe

Every once in awhile, it’s fun to do something different that you can enjoy, look forward to, and make some new memories. Going to a concert can be exactly the type of change you need and an event you look forward to. But instead of just going to any concert, why not keep track of the bands and musicians you like and make sure you attend theirs? It’s such a bummer when you realize that you missed out just because you didn’t know it was actually happening. To stay on top of your game and stay updated on the concerts you want to attend, here are a few tips to ensure you never miss them.

Follow Your Favorite Musicians on Social Media

If you’re like the rest of us and spend your day browsing social media, then this is a great way to keep track of when your favorite artists or musicians are playing. Because social media is a great form of communication and used as an outlet to reach the right audience, most artists tend to announce on their social media platforms when they’ll be going on tour as well as where they’ll be playing pretty early on. This will help you get the details in advance and have enough time to book before tickets start selling out fast. Be sure to follow their social media accounts on different platforms to give you a better chance of getting the news as soon as it’s announced.

Check Your Local Events

In every city, there are a few websites that are responsible for announcing the upcoming events happening in your local area as well as help you book for them. Whether you’re clueless about the important events happening or just need to book your tickets, the local experts at will help guarantee that you never miss a concert again. You’ll be able to find the coolest gigs according to your location and seize the day by finding the tickets you want to the concert of your choice.

Subscribe to Newsletters and Artist Mailing Lists

Another great way to get the information you need to things you care about is by subscribing to a newsletter and the mailing list of your favorite artist. By following an entertainment or music newsletter, you’ll be up to date with what’s happening in the music world and will be instantly notified when a concert, event, or gig is happening. This can help you prepare in advance for it, regardless of whether they’re coming to you or not, and this may also help you if the tickets have already been sold out. If you really don’t want to miss seeing your favorite band playing, you’ll have enough time to plan ahead and go out of your way to cross paths with them while on tour. By subscribing to newsletters, you’ll get the info you need delivered straight to your inbox.

Add it to Your Calendar

Once you’ve found a concert you want to attend, you can add it to your calendar and receive a notification or a reminder before it. In some cases, you’ll find that the dates are announced way before tickets are even released. So this would be a great option to remind yourself when you need to book or at least when you need to check if tickets are released. Or, if you’ve booked way ahead of the actual timings of the concert, it is very likely for you to forget that a concert is even happening and so, adding it to your calendar will remind you of when the big day is coming up.

Download An App

Just like there are websites available that keep you linked with what’s happening in your area, you can also find apps that notify you when something you’d enjoy will be happening soon. Whether you choose to state your interests or just get a summary by browsing through it, you’ll be able to get the latest details on your choice of bands and then head to a booking website to get your tickets. You won’t have to worry about missing out on seeing your musicians of choice live when the information needed is so easily accessible.

Seeing a band performing live is an experience of a lifetime you never want to miss. It can be heartbreaking when you realize that you have missed a concert of your dreams or when you’re a little too late and all the tickets have been sold out. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you need to stay on top of your game with the above tips.