How to Fix Your Overlapping YouTube Music and Google Play Music Subscriptions

How to Fix Your Overlapping YouTube Music and Google Play Music Subscriptions

Google’s premium music streaming providing has been a little bit of a multitude.   Here’s find out how to untangle your overlapping Google Play Music and YouTube subscriptions.

Both companies provide the flexibility to enroll and obtain the advantages of the opposite, which may end in some individuals being double billed.

Earlier this 12 months, Google did some re-arranging and renamed Google Play Music to YouTube Music and YouTube Red to YouTube Premium.  Yeah, it’s a bit arduous to observe.

If you’ve signed up for any of Google’s premium plans and wanted to cancel one, observe these steps.

If you have already got a Google Play Music subscription and have subscribed to YouTube Premium, it’s best to cancel your previous Google Play Music (now YouTube Music) subscription from the Google Play Store.  You can do this by tapping on the Play Store, then the menu on the highest left, and at last subscriptions.

If you unintentionally signed up for each YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, you possibly can cancel the YouTube Music subscription as a result of it’s included in YouTube Premium.  For iOS customers, you’ll have to cancel the subscription by the YouTube iOS app.

If you’re not sure of which subscriptions you will have, verify by viewing the Paid Memberships part of YouTube. That web page will present you any lively subscriptions you will have and their billing supply, both by Google Play, YouTube, or iTunes.

Google Play Music subscribers will most likely need to swap over to the YouTube Music app, as it’s at present ranked #three within the Play Store whereas GPM is ranked #26 and steadily dropping.  Google has a historical past of growing new merchandise that do the identical factor because the previous model to kill it off.

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With the corporate spinning out a complicated mess of companies, a software-level resolution from Google can be good.  In the meantime, attempt to keep away from getting trapped right into a double-billing (or triple-billing) scenario.