How to Delete Facebook and Keep Using Spotify (In 3 Easy Steps)

Sadly, deleting Facebook is a lot more complicated than it looks.  But depending on how you signed up for Spotify, there’s an easy way to disconnect.


Sounds so liberatingly easy.  Unfortunately, eliminating your Facebook account also means destroying your logins to potentially dozens apps.  Some these apps, like Tinder, require a Facebook login to function.

Luckily, Spotify will work perfectly fine without Facebook.  But extricating yourself is either really easy or really complicated, depending on how you signed up.

If you signed up with Spotify directly, and then connected your account to Facebook, then this is an easy 3 step removal process.  

Please note: you can’t do this disconnection on mobile.  It has to be on desktop.  So hop onto a computer and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app.

  2. In the top-right corner, click How to Delete Facebook and Keep Using Spotify (In 3 Easy Steps) > Settings.

  3. Under Social, click ‘Disconnect from Facebook’


But what if you created a Spotify account using your Facebook account?

In that case, the only way to extricate yourself is to start a new Spotify account.  

Here are some tips from Spotify on how to accomplish this:

1. If you have a Premium subscription (i.e., you’re paying), then you need to completely cancel and then resubscribe with a completely new account.

(Note: If you have a student discount, you will lose this discount!  That is, unless it’s been 12 months since you first signed up for your student discount account.)

2. If you’re switching to a brand-new account, you must completely sign out everywhere.  Otherwise, Spotify will get confused and think you’re already logged in.

3. Please note: you can’t have two accounts with the same email address.  The only way to keep the same email is to completely close your previous account.

4. Make sure to save your playlists!  Or, at least the ones you care about.  A brand-new account will not include your old playlists.

5. Also: you might need to give Spotify a few minutes (or more) to completely close your previous account.  

So that’s how it’s done.  Hopefully this works out and isn’t too much a hassle.  Please let us know any feedback in the comments.