Hitman Holla issues threats to Atlanta Goons who shot his girlfriend in the face during home invasion

Battle rap and Wild “N Out star Hitman Holla is calling out the Atlanta goons that shot his girlfriend Cinnamon in the face during a home invasion. Hitman via instagram sent a threat out saying “Ion respect it..my girl ain’t did s*** to u jealous a** broke a** n*****,” the Wild ‘N Out star wrote. “I ain’t from ATL so my ear ain’t as close [to] the streets like that out here.. but all I ask is put a name on it .. put a location on it.. give me a chance to play ball wit ya.. I’m willing to die ova this situation.. let me show ya! Or y’all gone continue to make me play inspector gadget? I ain’t a FBI agent … let me know who did this & may the best man win y’all gangster right?”

Over the weekend, Hitman Holla revealed that his girlfriend, Cinnamon, suffered a broken neck as a result of a shootout between her and the four intruders. Cinnamon suffered a gunshot wound to the cheek and the bullet exited the back of her head. Despite her injuries, Hitman Holla posted a video of his girlfriend walking on her own.

As of now no one has been identified or arrested for the home invasion. Look above to view Hitman Holla’s alleged Instagram Story post.