Hipster Conspiracy Finally Comes to Terms With Her Sexual Identity On Dysphoria

Rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Hipster Conspiracy finally comes to terms with her sexual identity on her debut album Dysphoria. It took her years to accept her transgender identity, and Dysphoria was carefully assembled over the course of four years, and listeners will appreciate the meticulously curated textures, soundscapes, and lyrics the talented Hip-Hop artist has extracted from her deepest place for each of the record’s tracks. Her music is unusual, beautiful, transportative, and yet, offers some of the best rap one can find nowadays. Digital synths, jazz, electro, pure instrumentals, everything we love about music is to be found on this true masterpiece. 

Her struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues on the path towards accepting and loving herself just the way she is, are told in such a poetic and straightforward way that one can only get inspired and relate on the deepest level to her courageous approach to art and expression.