Hip Hop Hotness Interview: Blink – “Wanna Party”

We had the chance to interview a talented newcomer to the Hip-Hop scene, the American rapper and songwriter Blink, who just released his debut song titled “Wanna Party,” alongside its playful music video. 

The Orlando, Florida-native launches his career in style with a record that reveals his signature sound, that chilling, steezy, player type of music vibes. 

Congratulations on the release of “Wanna Party,” did you record it during the pandemic? How was that experience?

I did record this record to the pandemic. It was quite challenging because not a lot of people could gather together all at once. So most of the people that were in my video were friends from school. This was a new experience for me because it was my first video. But the experience was amazing and everyone enjoyed themselves and I look forward to making more videos.

Growing-up, who inspired you to make music?

Growing up I always used to play my older cousin and my uncles music CDs. My uncles were singers, so I always thought they sounded pretty good and this really inspired me to do music. I always had the dream of hearing myself on a record while driving around in a fancy car.

Is “Wanna Party” your first official release?Please tell us more about the journey that led you to it.

“Wanna Party” is my first official release. I chose the song because it gives me a laid-back chill smooth vibe that everyone can play and enjoy. 

Would you like to join forces with other artists? If yes, list your top 3.

If I could join forces with three artists of my choice it would be Ariana Grande, Drake, and DaBaby. 

Are you more of a recording artist or a performer?

I am more of a recording artist I have never performed before.

What is the first thing that catches your attention when you listen to a new artist?

What stands out most when I listen to a new artist is how well can I gravitate to the hook.

Do you have other projects to be released this year or in the near future?

I definitely have more projects to be released this year. I look forward to releasing more chill smooth vibe type music that everyone can play.

What would you like to share with the many Hip-Hop fans out there?

I want to share my unique classic smooth stylish fashion with the world.

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