Hainbach and Julian Moser discover microscopic psychedelia for AV album

The Berlin artists probe the microverse using antiquated technology and low-resolution footage.

Berlin-based synthesist Hainbach and filmmaker Julian Moser first came together in 2016 when Moser enlisted Hainbach to create a score for his short documentary Bruderkrieg (War Of Brothers).

Four years later the duo have reunited for Light Splitting, a new audiovisual project based on Hainbach’s new album of the same name. For the visual accompaniment Moser decided to work with the limitations imposed by isolation during lockdown, eschewing the macro to look more closely at the microscopic world inside his home.

Julian Moser

Using an antiquated MiniDV camera, glass, water and the morning sun, Moser finds the psychedelic in the microscopic, pairing Hainbach’s gauzy synth explorations with gently shifting images of light, captured at a low-resolution and then played back at half speed.

Julian Moser is a Berlin-based filmmaker and director of photography working primarily in documentary and music videos. He frequently works in collaboration with director Alessandra Leone and has made videos for Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandro Cortini. For more information about Julian and his work, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Julian Moser

Light Splitting arrives on August 4 via Seil Records.

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