Google Play Music Just Fixed One of Its Most Annoying Features with v8.7

Google Play Music is now allowing users to disable automatic album artwork on lock screens.  Say goodbye to unexpected NSFW album covers!

It was a heavily requested feature from a group that loves customization.  And now, the team at Google Play has listened.  As part its v8.7 upgrade, Google Play Music users can eliminate the album artwork from automatically appearing on the lock screen while music plays in the background.

For many, that eliminates a mildly annoying feature.  For others, it’s a customization godsend.  But this isn’t entirely for the OCD-addled: for those who enjoy the rap and electronica beats popular with the youth these days, a few album covers can be unexpectedly NSFW.  Which can course lead to awkward situations for the unfortunate employee.

Actually, those situations can get seriously awkward with assorted Cardi B. or Nicki Minaj ‘artwork’ — at work, or pretty much anywhere else.

Cody Toombs at Android Police first reported the upgrade (v8.7.6773-1.A).  “If you’ve taken the time to tailor your phone experience, you might not be happy about a common feature music players that allows them to temporarily replace your lock screen background with album art,” Toombs noted.

Meanwhile, Google Play Music remains an under-the-radar streaming music service.

Well, at least compared to the hype afforded to Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.  We’re not sure how many subscribers Google Play Music actually has.  Nor do we have breakdowns between download and streaming consumption.  Regardless, Google does have the kind cfers required to play a very long game.  That’s a luxury Spotify may not enjoy without serious subscriber ramp-ups or Wall Street cash.