God bless YouTube: Jeff & Will Waz On The Box

Rippin’ up Showtime At The Apollo in 1989, it’s Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince performing Jeff Waz On The Beatbox. Alas, the Apollo crowd were not as receptive to Jeff & Will’s charms as the Union Square crowd because there’s a stark contrast in energy levelz between artists on the stage and audience in the seats.

Alongside The Girlie Had A Mustache, Jeff Waz On The Beatbox is one of the two tape/CD bonus tracks from the shitty third Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince album which bodies everything on the regular LP. Them crackas at Jive™ f*cked things up big Willie style by relegating both songs to bonus status when they shoulda been the third album’s two main singles: Jeff Waz On The Beatbox is a far better tribute to Jazzy Jeff’s human-Octopus DJ skillz than Jazzy’s Groove, while The Girlie Had A Mustache bangs way harder as a Fresh Prince storytelling yarn than the frankly Godawful I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson. Plus, imagine how hilariously #problematic a video for The Girlie Had A Mustache could be by modern day Cancel Culture standards, right?