Gill $tackz Unleashes Total Fire On Debut Joint Titled “Ballin”

Gill $tackz unleashes total fire on his latest and debut joint titled “Ballin.” Blending Gogo-inspired sonorities with the best of 90’s classic rap, he starts his journey with a determined mindset, and displays his full-confidence on both an artistic level, but also on a personal one. “Ballin” is all about that feeling you get when you work hard enough to attain a certain level of trust in yourself, something that becomes obvious when people deal with you. “Ballin” is also a statement to push away anyone or anything that would become toxic in our lives, and delay us from reaching our goals. Focus and determination, paired with the awareness of distractions is the main message Gill wants to convey to his rapidly growing fan base, and no doubt “Ballin” will make it big in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!