GenoDa1 Debuts Brand New Titled LP 3 AM Sessions

Homestead, FL-based Hip-Hop artist GenoDa1 just dropped a brand new LP titled 3AM Sessions 3, following-up on his previously released EPs 3AM Sessions EP & 3AM Sessions 2. 

This time, it’s a full album that he unveils, home to 12 powerful tracks set to increase his following base and help strengthen his presence in the game. 

Right before dropping the LP, Genoda1 had displayed his unmatchable freestyling skill in the joint “Live Before Death” building the hype for the release of the full album. Jay-z , Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nas, Drake, Young Jeezy, among many others, are the artists that inspired him to become a rapper. 

His life path has led him to experience heavy difficulties, including being homeless during high-school, but today, he uses these hardships to transform them into incredibly impactful tracks relatable for all Hip-Hop fans and beyond.