Generic list post: July 2021

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I’ve played most during the month when Ezale returned as a member of Cobra Kai and then dropped a song teaser which didn’t contain a note of the song itself. Hope he ain’t gonna come back soundin’ like Lucas Joyner or some shit.
Digable Planets – Little Renee (1992)
Mouse On Tha Track – Buckin’ Hard (2011)
Mouse On Tha Track – Stop Playin’ (2021)
Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece – Thot Boyz (2021)
Ballout – Lift It Up (2021)
Cookiee Kawaii – Relax Your Mind (2021)
Cookiee Kawaii – WERK! (2021)
Prince – Hot Summer (2010/2021)
Prince – Check The Record (2010/2021)

Other notables: Who Shot Me is the best Yung Cat song in a minute, but it’s some bad energy even if its premise is a staged publicity stunt; pardon the pun, but I respect the execution of Homeboy Sandman’s No Beef even if its not a song I’ll give much play; props to Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & Mia X for providing a literal antidote to scamdemic/plandemic Covidiot-raps.

Bonus beats: my best of Mic Terror playlist deserves to be released on CD IMHO.