From Africa To The US, BlessedKingTheArtist Turns His Dream Into A Reality – “Tennessee”

Franck Yvan Njonkou Seudio aka BlessedKingTheArtist is a young artist, singer-songwriter who recently moved to the United States from his hometown of Yaounde in Cameroon. In just three years, and after overcoming the many struggles faced by those who have to adapt to a new environment with very limited resources, BlessedKingTheArtist is already releasing his first single ever, “Tennessee.” The song was inspired by a visit to the state, and a memorable night that is greatly translated on-screen in the music video BlessedKingTheArtist has released alongside the single. 

He calls his invented style of music a mix of pop and Hip-Hop, and manages to blend together all the ingredients we love about both genres to form his own unique lane in music, a prowess few can master to such perfection. 

Have a listen to “Tennessee: and watch the music video below: